Jan 16th


Posted in Search

From Borders to Bookworld

You might have seen the TVCs and the radio plugs… maybe you’ve seen some PR. Equally important and not to be overlooked… you may have been influenced by Google Search. When Borders decided to rebrand to Bookworld, transitioning SEO Value over to the Bookworld website was paramount and crucial to business success, which is why Scorch was engaged. The aim was to introduce a new website and taking the opportunity to improve on SEO and minimise SEO risks.

We were aiming to:

  1. Maintain Organic Search Traffic. The Borders domain/website was attracting high organic search on branded and non-branded search terms and it was a critical priority that this was not lost through rebranding / redevelopment.
  2. Maintain revenue from Organic Search Traffic. We wanted to be able to introduce strong messaging throughout the site to ensure that revenue levels remained the same post transition.
  3. Minimise SEO Risks. As multiple parties were involved in this project, it was important that a dedicated team was responsible for ensuring a safe, penalty- free transition was carried out.
  4. Minimise development effort through careful planning and communication.

Our approach was to activate our proven SEO Migration Strategy:

  1. Benchmarking the existing website
  2. Creating On-Page migration guidelines, development guidelines and release strategy
  3. Development Planning, Quality Assurance and SEO Risk Mitigation
  4. Utilising “Bishop” to SEO test the website prior to going live

The Result: The project went live successfully and all the goals above were met. Borders is no more… Welcome Bookworld.com.au.