Nov 16th


Posted in Design & Creative

When the Biodynamic Marketing Company asked us to partner with them in building their website, we were looking forward to two things. First, we were excited for the challenge of building a site that helps them show off their seasonal product range to consumers. Second, we were thrilled to setup an online platform that can grow with their future marketing needs.

Demeter Biodynamic are market leaders in the bio-dynamic foods market and wanted to better support their brand and online presence with a fresh new web design.

What is Demeter Certified Biodynamics?

Originating in the 1920s by Austrian Dr Rudolf Steiner and pioneered in Australia in 1953 by Alex Podolinsky, Demeter certified biodynamics is a farming practice that:

  • Takes a holistic approach to farming the environment that produces high quality plants and food.
  • In addition to using biological methods to farm the soil so that it becomes nutrient rich, it also uses the natural cycles of the Sun and Cosmos to grow healthy plants and animals.
  • It is considered environmentally friendly, ecologically safe and does not use artificial or synthetic chemicals, fertilisers or additives. This makes food and beverage products labelled as Demeter certified biodynamics one of the healthiest options available.
  • Biodynamics is the largest organic food provider in Victoria. They supply biodynamic/organic products to majority of Australia.

What we did?

The main objectives of the website were to ensure that:

  • Consumers could view and research the product range; especially where they can purchase the product from by determining their closest provider.
  • Prospective new retailers would be able to view their product range and register their interest in stocking the products.
  • Provide a useful tool for consumers to their closest retailer of their products in their area. (See the ‘Find a Retailer‘ tool here).

For this project we:

  • Produced a website design that matched the Demeter Biodynamic brand – green & earth friendly. We created a range of colour palettes and layout structures that suited them and made sure that their products would stand out on the website.
  • Configured & developed on the ENIQ content management system, which is ideal for specialist online stores like this one.
  • We developed & designed a custom product filter, which makes finding products easy on this website, (See the ‘Product Filter‘ here). This filter was built on our custom CMS system (ENIQ).
  • The ENIQ is an ecommerce platform that allows us to enhance and develop custom components easily. It is particularly strong for “non-standard” applications
  • Once the platform had been configured, we catalogued and photographed all the products that would appear in the website.

The final result was a website that has a fresh design but included functionality so you could search by product, certification or brand.

The new website is the first of many projects that we will be managing for the Demeter Biodynamic brand. Be sure to keep an eye out for more stories in the coming months.