Website Design & Development

Your website is the vehicle for your online marketing strategy, so it’s vital for your website to be built according to standards while using the best software to produce results of the highest quality. Scorch has planned, designed, and developed hundreds of successful websites that suit different budgets, helping both small businesses and some of the most well-known brands in Australia. We work closely alongside our clients to ensure the end product is exactly what they envisioned. Our close partnerships with our clients have enabled us to provide cost effective website projects with stunning outcomes through good communication of ideas and close collaboration. The result? Our clients receive a website that is designed, developed, and tailored specifically to their requirements, a formula that results in satisfaction each and every time.

Planning & Strategy

Every website has goals—the common ones being lead generation, branding, sales support or eCommerce. Picking the right strategy for your business / organisation depends on your product / service, where you sit in the market and where you intend to drive your sales from. Through discussions, research and workshops, we can reveal the most appropriate web strategy and plan for you.

Design & Creative

It is important that your web creative matches your brand and makes a positive statement. A successful website needs to find a good balance between information provision and call to actions. At the same time, it should adhere to industry best practice and web compliance. Our dedicated web creative and design team will be able to guide you to make the right web design and creative choices that suit your business / organisation.


We are able to help you design and build your next eCommerce project, whether you are looking to start up a new eCommerce website or to improve on the current platform you are using. By understanding your target audience, we can help you create a webstore that engages your target audience and helps you convert on sales.

Mobile & Web Compliance

Make sure your website offers the same user experience across a number of browsers websites (both web and mobile). While most CMS platforms are flexible enough to cater for a variety of devices, it is important to plan your content to match the user experience you want to create. Given that there are different screen sizes and types of content that you might have, it is viable to offer a completely different user experience from mobile to web.

Integrated Approach

The aim of a well-integrated approach is planning where your website sits in your marketing strategies to help you maximise your campaign spend. Websites are also used to provide cost-efficient customer service. It is also the first place for your customers to know more about your promotions and campaigns and where they interact with your business. With clever planning, we can help you build an asset that supports all your brick and mortar and social marketing efforts as well as engaging first time visitors.

SEO & Traffic Services

Our specialist SEO services have helped businesses gain more targeted traffic to their websites. Moreover, we are able to help you manage your paid marketing promotions through Adwords, YouTube and Facebook. Our traffic specialists can help formulate campaigns that will help bring visitors in and engage them.

Information Architecture & User Experience

Structuring your website and presenting your content logically are crucial parts of ensuring web success. Clever structuring ensures that both users and search engines are able to find your content easily. It also presents a better user experience and better conversion rates. We can help you reduce duplication and prioritise content presentation through Information Architecture.

Conversion Rate Optimisation

The next steps after a website has been established are to generate traffic through branded and social efforts and to smoothen out the user interface to improve conversion rates. Improving conversion rates is a process of trial and error, split testing and a combination of both art and science. We can help you identify the key factors that drive your conversion rates and provide you with the processes & technology to improve on it. We can help isolate trouble points on your website and provide both statistical analysis and implementation to improve your conversion rates.


Graphic Design and Creative
Content Management Systems
Flash and Multimedia
Web Application Development
Systems Integration
Database Development
SMS (Text) Integration
eCommerce Solutions (eStores, Online Transactions, Payment Gateways)
Social Media Integration (e.g. Facebook Integration)
Wide variety of development platforms including .NET and PHP

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Aug 13th


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Kulcar – Web Design

Keep your car cool this summer with Kulcar Summers are a quintessential part of the Australian and NZ heritage—ice cream, beaches, swimmers and BBQs. Everyone who enjoys the splendours of summer also has to suffer boiling hot car interiors and scalding seats. Kulcar has an ingenious product that eases the pain of hot car interiors. Powered by the very thing […]

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Noveco – A Bespoke Approach for a Revolutionary System

  Noveco – A Bespoke Approach for a Game Changing System   Noveco needed an agency to address brand and perception issues it was facing. Being a technical product with unique USPs, Noveco was in search for the right positioning and brand strategy for its brand and its flagship ePM product. It was in search of a Digital Marketing agency who could a […]

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Guides on eCommerce Sites Work

Guides on eCommerce Sites Work Here is a simple example that Bookworld has put in place and the process of getting to this content was simple: a) They identified from web stats and the search bar usage stats that a certain portion of their visitors weren’t entirely sure what they wanted. b) They identified that people enjoyed having a simple visual guide to picki […]


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It’s Mate v Mate v Cancer.

It’s Mate v Mate v Cancer. If you had the chance to come up with a fun, competitive challenge against a mate as well as raise money for cancer in the process, you’d give it a go, right? We worked with partner agency, Brand Response and The Cancer Council New South Wales (TCCNSW) on this inaugural campaign to raise awareness, and funds, specifically for cancer in […]


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Website Design And Development for Demeter

When the Biodynamic Marketing Company asked us to partner with them in building their website, we were looking forward to two things. First, we were excited for the challenge of building a site that helps them show off their seasonal product range to consumers. Second, we were thrilled to setup an online platform that can grow with their future marketing needs. D […]


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Chiquel’s new website

Chiquel’s new website Have a look at Chiquel’s new website. As a premium wig provider known for high fashion medical wigs, the design needed to convey a high fashion message and instill confidence that the wigs offered are of an impeccable standard. With their range of human hair and synthetic wigs as well as their facility to order custom wigs, Chiquel is […]

Aug 23rd


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AstralStone Memorials Video

We were asked to produce a touching video for AstralStone. The aim of the video was to demonstrate the care and attention when producing a memorial for a loved one. Originally we produced a script alongside a story board to deliver the concept and emotion that we wanted to convey. The original script and concept read: “It does matter how the memorials are made, w […]


Jul 17th


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Cricket New South Wales – Club Recruitment Campaign

Cricket New South Wales, Club Recruitment Campaign Built using our ENIQ CMS, we developed a unique system that allows the clubs to generate their own marketing material such as newspaper advertisement, posters, flyers and direct mail pieces. Our first iteration was in 2011 and after a successful run, we have expanded and deployed this version in 2012. The system […]


Jul 10th


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KitKat – Take Time Back Promotion

This was a promotional earn-and-burn campaign built on the ENIQ CMS system. The concept was quite elegant—thousands of KitKat wrappers were produced with unique codes printed on the inside of each wrapper. Each code would represent a “point” which could be earnt and then spent by claiming rewards. You could register on the website to start collecting “point […]


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Web Design – Taltarni’s new website

Web design – Taltarni’s new website It is with great pleasure that we present Taltarni’s new website After months of hard work, we managed to build Taltarni a powerful website on our own CMS platform ENIQ. The website features an eCommerce store where you can buy your favourite Taltarni wines or sign up for the Taltar […]