Apr 3rd


Posted in App & Software Development

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Noveco – A Bespoke Approach for a Game Changing System


Noveco needed an agency to address brand and perception issues it was facing. Being a technical product with unique USPs, Noveco was in search for the right positioning and brand strategy for its brand and its flagship ePM product. It was in search of a Digital Marketing agency who could also help it reach its intended audiences globally.

Noveco’s Extended Project Management (ePM) solution is a software platform developed within SAP. Its primary value is assisting SAP project managers streamline their workflow when forecasting projects (amongst a sleuth of other SAP project management challenges) allowing project managers to be more focused on delivering projects on-time and on-budget as opposed to data administration.

Being a niche product with a niche audience, Noveco needed an agency that is Audience and Insights lead that could help with communicating the brand and selling points.

Scorch was engaged to deliver the brand strategy, a facelift to Noveco’s brand identity, content and video production, redesign of the website as well as a global marketing partnership.

View Noveco’s revitalised and responsive new website which effectively conveys Noveco’s revolutionary project management solutions and brand proposition like never before.