Digital PR and Content Marketing

Influencer Marketing. Social Insights. Content Marketing. Audience Targeting

We believe in generating value for brands and businesses through great content. Our content philosophy revolves around applying the perfect blend of data, creativity and technology to amplify your brand and key messages. Our greatest strength lies in our extensive network of digital influencers and brand ambassadors who play a key role as advocates for your brand across social networks, blogs and digital publications.

We believe in the power of social media to drive and deliver business and branding results.

Digital Advocates & Ambassadors – Reach thousands of real Australian influencers

  • We have a network of hundreds of the top Australian digital influencers who are the leading voices in fashion, travel, lifestyle, technology and entrepreneurship.
  • Through the use of digital public relations, we can help your brand build authentic relationships with key advocates who have the power to influence their thousands of followers.
  • We believe in creating organic, influential and impactful communications campaigns for your brand.

Content Marketing – Engaging content strategies, on-brand execution

  • One of our greatest strengths lies in our ability to craft bespoke content marketing strategies for your brand that drives real results.
  • Whether you are looking to tell compelling stories about your brand or create engaging content aimed at niche audiences, our team of expert content marketers will be able to deliver a content and editorial strategy that helps you reach the right people.
  • An effective content strategy has the potential to empower your social and digital channels, giving you the power to engage your communities through text, video, images or infographics.
  • Our approach to content marketing is one that is underpinned by the spirit of collaboration. We believe in working closely with our clients to plan, develop and publish targeted pieces of content that meet your digital marketing objectives.

Audience Insights – Learn more about your audience, market to them better

  • We are driven by insights and the conviction that we cannot market to those we do not know and understand.
  • Any effective digital marketing strategy is driven by having the most comprehensive insights and data to help you make the right branding, communication and targeting decisions.
  • Our social listening capabilities can provide you with intelligence and insights to empower you to understand your audiences, where they cluster online and the best way to speak to them in a language and tone of voice that they will trust.
  • We accomplish this by deploying qualitative sentiment analysis, messaging and brand audits or competitor analysis.

Social Media – Grow and strengthen your brand through Social

  • Our dedicated team of social media specialists have the capabilities and passion to transform your social channels into vibrant and engaged communities.
  • At Scorch, our core beliefs lie in a nuanced community management strategy that is both conversational and effective. It is no longer possible for brands to succeed in the social media landscape by repeating the same messages ad nauseam, but to actively participate in the narrative with your social audiences.
  • We provide an end-to-end social media strategy and consultation on social media campaigns that will energize your online communities and ensure that your brand or product is the being discussed across the web.