Dec 11th


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Guides on eCommerce Sites Work

Here is a simple example that Bookworld has put in place and the process of getting to this content was simple:

a) They identified from web stats and the search bar usage stats that a certain portion of their visitors weren’t entirely sure what they wanted.
b) They identified that people enjoyed having a simple visual guide to picking books.
c) They also identified that with Christmas coming up, non-book lovers might want a more personal option than gift cards.

The result was a simple series of pages that conveniently listed the most popular books for this Christmas season. These pages reportedly improve time on site on the non-book lovers segment and over this period leading up to Christmas have already yielded a 6% increase in conversion rates compared to last year – a significant improvement for this typically nonchalant segment.

Kat O’Sullivan, Bookworld’s resident web guru reports:

Bookworld has a huge range of products (over 13 million) which makes providing a gift guide an absolute necessity for our customers; we can’t just rely on self-discovery alone. We pride ourselves on our book knowledge and as such are best suited to provide the best possible gift (and self) purchases for our audience during the Christmas period.

A key point of emphasis was the use of images of the popular books in the icons. This is an elegant way to help set an expectation of what the user would see if they clicked on the link. This ultimately means that the site is able to help with the visitor’s decision making, thus ticking 2 boxes simultaneously:

  • Producing useful content
  • Offering a useful decision support system