In order to provide big business results without the big business price tag, we have developed an easy to implement SEO service for small and midsized businesses.

Our small business SEO service is tailored for businesses wanting to turn their website into a powerful marketing asset. Our service is perfect for a business that recognises the importance of the role that SEO plays in the marketing mix. Essentially, SEO represents free marketing for the business.

By simply having good SEO, your business could gain business opportunities that others may miss out on.



  • The key to success is good custodianship over your SEO. All it takes is one little mistake and your website could fail.
  • Gaining results from SEO is a process of continuous improvement; thus is a long term commitment.
  • Targeting a set of keywords (or SEO by keyword list) is a sure fire way to fail at SEO.
  • Optimising the website will require both changes to the website as well as link building activities.
  • While no guarantee can be made that top positions for specific keywords can be attained, SEO must drive more traffic to your website or the initiative has failed.


  • We can help draw up the blueprint to your SEO success.
  • We can provide all services that are required to gain the results you seek.
  • We can monitor and track your SEO progress to make sure that it is meeting your goals.


  • If your current SEO provider is not delivering results.
  • If you are currently rebuilding / redesigning your website.
  • If paid search is working for you.
  • If SEO represents a significant asset and you don’t want to damage this asset.


Competitor SEO Assessment

  • Accurately assess your website against your competitor’s websites.
  • Analyse the keywords your competitors are targeting.
  • Analyse the gap between your website and your competitor’s website.
  • Estimate the cost of closing this gap.

SEO Strategy

  • Decide on the best keywords to target and differentiate between low hanging fruit and long term SEO goals.
  • Structure your website correctly to achieve these goals.
  • Identify the key obstacles to attaining this goal and design strategies to overcome these obstacles.
  • Design a link building strategy that will achieve results.

Technical SEO Audit

  • Review your website in detail to find every technical challenge and risk your website faces.
  • Conduct a workshop to present the fixes required.

Transparent Managed SEO Program

  • Undertake link building activities each month
  • Provide monthly progress reports.
  • SEO risk assessments.
  • Feedback and advice on ways to improve.
  • Regular Performance Reviews.

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