SEO Fix/Repair for Panda, Penguin and Hummingbird


If your SEO has been suffering with no clear sign of recovery no matter what you do, you need to read this.

2013 was a very tough year for SEO. Google released multiple iterations of the Panda / Penguin update and introduced Hummingbird. Many businesses and organisations that had enjoyed great SEO leading up to 2013 suddenly noticed a steady decline from as early as the end of 2012, with no clear sign of recovery in 2013. Some may even have received an “unnatural links” message from Google within Webmaster Tools.

As a result, we saw a surge of new clients with websites that showed the signs of being manually penalised by Google.


If you experience any of the following then you may have been penalised:

  1. Steady decline in traffic.
  2. SERP rankings do not respond to changes to your website. (On Page)
  3. SERP rankings do not respond to link building treatment
  4. You receive a “Unnatural inbound links” message from Google stating that you have “unnatural or artificial” links. (see below)

If you have been penalised, here are some facts you need to know:

  • Stop link building immediately.
    It is likely that you do not need to continue investing in any link building activities. In fact, any further link building activities you undertake may cause more problems if it is not done correctly.
  • Traditional SEO activity is likely not to work.
    You are maybe in SEO jail right now.
  • Traffic loss may not necessarily be attributed to a penalty.
    With the number of changes that have occurred in 2013, your SEO rankings may simply not be enough to continue attracting traffic as it has in previous years.
  • It may not be your SEO firm / person / company’s fault.
    We have many instances wherein clients who have seemingly followed best practice still been hit with a penalty.
  • Genuine links are being penalised.
    We have many instances of genuine inbound links from genuine content that are being penalised.
  • Remove the possibility of your website being penalised.
    If there is a chance that you have been penalised then all future efforts to improve rankings will be impeded. Therefore it is important to rule out the possibility of a manual penalty before continuing with future SEO investments.
  • This can be fixed!
    We have successfully revoked penalties and have noted improvements in SEO rankings / traffic. It is a tedious effort but it can be done!

We can help you get your penalty revoked:




Next Steps

If you are unsure if you have been penalised or if you are unhappy with your SEO results and you simply want a second opinion, please contact us today. We will need access to:

    1. The domain / website affected
    2. Your Google Webmaster Tools account (if you have it)
    3. Your Google Analytics account (if you have it)

Our SEO consultants can review that data and provide you with help to recover your SEO.


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