Social Media Marketing

Social Media is the fastest word-of-mouth mechanism that we have today and can have a powerful effect on your brand very quickly. Traditionally, marketing efforts are built entirely around enforcing a brand and getting your customers and evangelists to support you through word of mouth. Today we are able to supercharge this and produce mechanisms that allow your customers and evangelists to support you better.

You used to be confined to a handful of marketing messages; ones which you could keep simple enough and hope your evangelists were able to promote. Today you can produce a raft of materials that can also support secondary marketing messages and promote more complexed messages through the use of tools like YouTube and Facebook. Your marketing efforts are now aimed at sparking intelligent discussions and debates and is all about engaging your customer.

We offer specialist skills in this Social Media arena. We can help you:

  1. Better target your customer with Social Media. Pick the platforms that suit you and your business.
  2. Grow your Social Media channels – get more “likes” and “views”.
  3. Supercharge your promotions and marketing campaigns with Social Media.
  4. Help your message spread with Social Media.
  5. Come up with concepts and campaigns that have Social Media longevity.
  6. Harness Social Media to maximise the n-2-n viral communication.
  7. Make sure your existing efforts are Social Media friendly.
  8. Report, track and improve.

If you are planning on using Social Media or aiming to make your next campaign more Social Media friendly, then talk to us today.


Blogs and Articles


May 6th


CategoryPosted in Culture

Scorch turns 10

Scorch turns 10 It’s hard to imagine what the world was like 10 years ago. Imagine a world without iPhones, Androids, Instagram, Twitter, Uber or even Google Maps but that was what living in 2006 was like. On 4 May 2006, I incorporated Scorch (then called MessageForce) and became employee #1. From humble beginnings, Scorch has grown from strength to strength and […]

RateMyAgent Website

May 5th


CategoryPosted in Case Studies

Client Spotlight – RateMyAgent

Client Spotlight – RateMyAgent Established in 2014, RateMyAgent has grown to become the no. 1 real estate ratings and statistics website in Australia. In 2015 alone, close to $8bn in real estate has been transacted with the help of RateMyAgent and not a dollar of commission has been charged to agents. Forging a unique identity in a crowded market With a foc […]


Jun 29th


CategoryPosted in Social Media

This June Scorch went junk free!

This June Scorch went junk free! Junk Free June is a new fundraising event that challenges people to give up junk foods during the month of June. Here at Scorch we decided to get involved. We’ve got the Cancer Society’s back – get ours by donating or spreading the word. 100% of the money raised from Junk Free June goes straight to the Cancer Society. The Cancer S […]


Jun 18th


CategoryPosted in Marketing

AdmitOne to Godwin Charli’s Facebook Competition

Godwin Charli, a Melbourne-based fashion retailer, recently emailed their customers, inviting them to enter a competition which gave them the chance to win a new-season wardrobe. The campaign used two of Scorch’s products: Remarket360 and AdmitOne. Scorch designed the EDM template and set up Godwin Charli’s customer database in Remarket360, our email marketing pl […]


Mar 15th


CategoryPosted in Social Media

MateVMate – Scorch’s Standoff Challenge

We finally did it… Watch it to see who won!


Mar 5th


CategoryPosted in Social Media

Scorch takes on a MateVMate Challenge

Terence will be taking Kevin on at a challenge to raise awareness and $$$ for men’s cancer. Stay tuned for the actual challenge… which we will update on this post here! To back either Terence or Kevin, go to: To do a challenge yourself, go to: To see our involvement with Mat […]


Jul 10th


CategoryPosted in Social Media

Facebook Competitions – BorrowedAndBlue Productions

Getting “Liked” with a competition Our client BorrowedAndBlue Productions is using our Facebook competitions engine to run a simple 25 word-or-less style competition… except there is no limit to the number of words used! The competition is simple. If you’re getting married you could win a wedding videography and photography package. Wedding packages w […]


Jul 10th


CategoryPosted in Marketing

Taltarni Sparkling Moments Campaign

Diamonds are forever Taltarni and Holloway Diamonds partnered up to run this competition; in which 3 pink diamond pendants worth $8500 each were the main prizes. The competition was aimed at getting more visibility over Taltarni’s Taché. The Taché (french for “stained”) is a stained sparkling base with a red wine liquor, such as a cabernet or a […]