Feb 18th


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SEO recharges A1 Batterypro traffic

Company Background

A1 Batterypro is a successful family-owned business that specialises in all types of batteries and solar panels. They also have a fully extensive auto electrical workshop for diagnosis and repairs. The company has experienced growth that can be attributed to excellent business relationships with clients and partners.


A1 Batterypro came to Scorch in 2010 looking to improve its online/web presence using Search Engine Optimisation to position itself as the market leader in online battery websites. Its aims included:

  1. Increasing Website / Online enquires or sales for its different product and service lines
  2. Franchising the business for Australia / National presence
  3. Improving Customer Service

Scorch conducted some initial research to see who the major online competitors were, and reviewed key features that make them stand out. The summary of our research was that competition is quite fierce; many competitors appeared to have invested significantly on their online efforts compared to the A1 Batterypro website, which had several limitations, such as:

  • Poor on page (SEO Fundamentals ie Title tags, URLs, h1 tags, Content)
  • SEO authority in terms of link building strength


Scorch developed a plan for the client where we had a strategic direction each month. We first performed an SEO audit to provide SEO recommendations, which we later developed into a new website perfectly formed for the search engines. We also conducted off-page SEO in terms of link building to provide the best possible results for the client.


  • The first step of the project was to perform SEO audit to identify keywords and any underlying SEO issues. SEO training was provided with conference calls to explain SEO.
  • The project identified the current search rankings performance and the gap analysis compared to competitors
  • Our SEO team worked with our creative team to design/create the correct landing environments by modifying the URLs to allow the website the ability to gain top ranking positions.
  • Our SEO team implemented the SEO fundamentals for each landing page to help each specific page rank in the search engines.
  • Link building was performed each month to achieve top ranking positions.
  • Monthly competitive analysis and monthly reporting were also completed for the client.


The organic search rankings vastly improved for A1 Batterypro. Before the SEO campaign started, the website had no ranking positions for non-branded keywords. But now, they are placed on top positions for a number of high traffic keywords. We have also experienced a 100% increase in traffic.

See Graph below: