Jul 10th


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Diamonds are forever

Taltarni and Holloway Diamonds partnered up to run this competition; in which 3 pink diamond pendants worth $8500 each were the main prizes. The competition was aimed at getting more visibility over Taltarni’s Taché. The Taché (french for “stained”) is a stained sparkling base with a red wine liquor, such as a cabernet or a shiraz. Positioned as a celebratory drink, the Taché is fast becoming a popular guest at weddings, cock-tail parties and ladies lunches and gatherings.

To win, all you had to do was tell Taltarni about a “sparkling moment”; a moment in your life that was truly worth celebrating. It could be supported by video and pictures. There were 3 ways to win a diamond pendant:

  1. Taltarni’s Choice – A panel of judges would choose a winning entry
  2. The People’s Choice – People could like, recommend, comment and share entries using Facebook and the most popular entry would win a diamond pendant.
  3. A lucky draw – A random draw for a lucky winner.

The goals of the competition was to have as much viral eye-balls as possible, and was a tremendous success. Attracting almost 7000 facebook likes and an estimated over 1,200,000 Facebook impressions and eyeballs due to the staggering amount of shares and likes. Even now as the competition is over, the system that was set up is still attracting likes and shares.

Taltarni’s Choice Award

Taltarni’s Choice Award was given to Ann Smedly for her following entry:


People’s Choice Award

While Amie Nicholson took out the People’s Choice Award with her entry that attracted 404 comments and thousands of facebook likes.


For more on the Taché , see this video created for the Melbourne Spring Carnival 2011