Jun 29th


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This June Scorch went junk free!

Junk Free June is a new fundraising event that challenges people to give up junk foods during the month of June.

Here at Scorch we decided to get involved. We’ve got the Cancer Society’s back – get ours by donating or spreading the word. 100% of the money raised from Junk Free June goes straight to the Cancer Society.

The Cancer Society provides a range of support and information for people affected by cancer and funds cancer research.

The reason we went junk free is because what we eat and drink may cause around 30% of cancers in industrialised countries – making diet second only to tobacco as, in theory, a preventable cause of cancer. No particular foods or eating patterns are guaranteed to prevent cancer; however, some foods and eating patterns can reduce your risk. For healthy adults we recommend that you eat a diet that is mostly from vegetables and fruits, be physically active, and maintain a healthy body weight.

The definition of ‘junk’ is self -defined and different for everyone. Junk Free June is about sacrificing something that you eat often and know isn’t good for you. By cutting one’s own version of ‘junk’ out for the month, individuals raise money for The Cancer Society. The Cancer Society provides free and confidential support and information to people dealing with a cancer diagnosis, promotes ways we can reduce our risk of cancer and invests in cancer research.

Help us on our Junk free journey here –