AllansMusic & BillyHyde domain merge

Merging two domains is a tricky exercise to say the least; especially if both domains are high-value domains with proven SEO success and solid direct and referral traffic. In this situation, there are search terms that would have ranking priority, and search terms where would dominate. Both domains will also be merged into, a brand new domain with no previous authority. The challenges are:

  1. How do we ensure that the best rankings from both domains are kept?
  2. How do we ensure that the period immediately after merging the domain does not suffer from loss of SEO traffic?
  3. How do we keep all link juice and link authority?
  4. Most importantly, how do we avoid any silly penalties that could potentially “kill” both domains?

To the untrained eye, a simple 2 way 301 redirect would do the trick!

In reality the project required:

  1. Scanning both websites with our “Keyword Discovery” application to analyse keyword priorities across the website.
  2. Product and content matching to ensure that the best content for SEO was kept over the poorer performing content.
  3. Long tailed URL analysis across hundreds of thousands of pages on both domains to ensure every bit of SEO authority (SEO Vector) was retained.
  4. Complex 301 redirect tables.
  5. Using our proprietary Bishop Software (Domain and Website Merging Tool) and some clever project management, we were able to simulate going live with the merge of both domains. This simulation immediately highlighted any fault that could occur in the transition phase and allowed us to remedy this before going live.

The end result was a seamless domain merge that even boasted a 18% boost in traffic by the end of the 3rd week! The SERP results adjusted perfectly across the board on every long-tail within a week and suffered no loss of traffic through either domains during the switch over.